Do you feel that your life was taken from you? Do you feel that your life ended before it even begun?

Do you still have the urge to fight to get what is left of your life back?

As so many young adults and middle-aged parents are dealing with the harsh realities of obtaining an education and being victimized by private student loan lenders, what are you supposed to do to fight this cruel and unjust system?

What are you supposed to do as a young adult who thrives for an education?

What are you supposed to do as a parent who wants to give everything to their child and provide them with an education?

Should you be forced to choose between debt or an education? How is it fair and not cruel punishment to charge high interest rates, no income based repayment plans and no chance to remove the debt in bankruptcy court?

If other victims of crime can get their day in court, why can’t those who were victimized by private student lenders and the failing college education system get their day in court?

What are you supposed to do when all you want is your judicial system to resolve this dilemma?

Do you live in a city that is overpopulated? Is your state overpopulated?

What are you supposed to do if you live in an area where there are more people than there are jobs? Do you try and beat competition? Or do you think about relocating to an area where the job market is developing?

If you can’t find a career in your hometown, should you consider finding a career in a different area? Or should you wait until you can find a career in your area? How long should you wait? A month? A year? Five years? How long is long enough?

What are you supposed to do if you have to pick between leaving your family or finding a career? Will you regret the time you will miss with your family? Or will you regret putting your life on hold?

Should you feel guilty for wanting to have some success? Or should you be proud for following your own dreams?

What are you supposed to do to find acceptance with the choice you will make?

What are you supposed to do when trying to find the right news source for you? Some people prefer to hear the news from watching TV. Others may prefer reading the newspapers. Then, there are some who look for independent news sources via the internet.

Are you ever really getting the full news story? Or are you getting what that specific news source wants to tell you? Are all news stories biased? Or do you find that some are completely unbiased?

Are you the type of person that prefers hearing only limited parts of the news because you believe some news is meant to not reach the public for a reason? Or are you the type of person that believes that the public has the right to hear the entire news story?

What are you supposed to do when you feel like you haven’t found the source of news that you like? Should you stop watching or listening or reading the news? Or should you listen to all sources of news and gather your own opinion on what is factual and what is not?

Both sides to an argument could prove their argument if they are capable to convince others. So, couldn’t news sources convince its viewers to believe their opinion of the story? How are you supposed to find a source that will ultimately just state the facts? Is that even possible?

What are you supposed to do if you want to hear just the factual aspects of the news story? Or what are you supposed to do if you prefer to hear not only the facts but both view points in order to make your own opinion? Is that even possible? Or are we living in a world that promotes just right and wrong rather than partially right and partially wrong?

As the year begins and campaigns start, what are you supposed to do when deciding which politician to vote for?

What happens if your beliefs vary among a couple of politicians? How do you make your vote? Do you vote based on a specific issue or do you vote based on who you think will have the better chance to win?

How do you make your decision when you are not fully satisfied with a candidate?

What happens if you feel strongly about women’s rights but your against a larger governing power? What happens if you believe in decreasing the budget but also believe that the government should step in during emergencies?

What are you supposed to do if you don’t agree that everyone should have to choose between two extreme parties? Should you vote a third party or should you choose one of the two dominant parties? If you vote a third party, do you think it will make a difference? Do you think that it is a wasteful vote? Or do you believe that voting a third party will satisfy your desire to not have to choose between two parties that your not fully satisfied with?

How do you make your decision on voting day? Do you weight the pros and cons for each candidate? Or do you pick a couple issues that you feel strongly about and choose the candidate that has the same views as you?

What are you supposed to do if you walk up to the voting booth and want to give partial votes to each candidate? Should you feel that your thoughts are ridiculous? Or should you feel that maybe you have a point and the current system is not up to par with society?

What are you supposed to do when you know the field you want a career in but have no mentor to guide you in the right path?

What happens if you have been out of school for some time and internships are not an option? How do you find your first step into the field of your choice?

What websites do you use to find career opportunities in a specific field? What happens if your specific field rarely has any job openings but you really want to be in that field? Do you research companies that you would want to work for? Or do you just wait until a position opens up?

Should you consider that the only way into the field you want is by knowing someone? Or do you still hold onto that hope that maybe that will not be the case?

Today, many people are struggling to find jobs. Some even stopped searching. Should you accept the fact that you at least have a job  even though it might not be your dream career? Or should you keep trying to find that career that you desperately desire?

What are you supposed to do if you are not a well connected person and are searching for a career?

You dream of your career each and every day. You can’t wait until you walk into the job that you know that you will love. Reality; however, might ruin your plans.

What are you supposed to do if you need to go to graduate school in order to obtain your dream job? How are you supposed to afford school when you are struggling to pay your current student loans, live at home and don’t have a steady job?

What happens if your graduate education requires you to move? How do you afford to rent an apartment when you can’t even afford rent now?

How will you find a job? What happens if you could only find a part time job and you are not eligible to take out loans for rent and food? How will you survive? Will you have to drop out of graduate school after your first semester?

It is slowly becoming the norm that many graduate students don’t receive enough financial aid and unfortunately don’t learn this until after their first year. What are you supposed to do if you are about to start your last year and realize that you don’t have any money to finish? Is that fair that you worked hard your first year and now you are offered no financial aid for the second year?

If a graduate degree is becoming the equivalent of what a bachelors degree used to be, then, how are people supposed to obtain careers if they are not given the opportunity to continue their education? After receiving an undergraduate degree, many people struggle with finding jobs. What is expected of them if they can’t continue their education? Will they have a future?

What are you supposed to do if your undergraduate degree is not helping you find a career but you are unable to afford a graduate degree? What are your options?

After many months of job searching, you finally start to see opportunity. However, how do you decide which opportunity to take?

Today, many people are skeptical about their jobs and careers. There is no loyalty from employers to employees. Employers think of their company before thinking of their staff. Employers think of the future rather than living in the present. With this new sense of mentality, there is no security or trust.

What are you supposed to do when deciding which job to pursue? Do you take the job that is more secure and provides a pension but pays very low or do you take the job that has a higher pay but no benefits or pension?

In this day and age, there are no guarantees. A job that looks promising today may not be very promising next month.

What are you supposed to do when the job market is all over the place? How do you find security? How do you find a career that will pay your bills and prepare you for retirement?

Everybody has to make tough decisions but should people have to make decisions based on societal, governmental or economical mistakes? Should people have to suffer because the system is not organized for success?

What are you supposed to do when deciding which job will have the better outcome? If you choose the job that pays higher and has no benefits, what will happen when you start to age? Will the company force you out in order to hire someone younger? Will your pay be high enough in order to save for retirement? How about healthcare? Will your savings cover the cost of healthcare for many years?

What if you choose the job that provides all the perks and benefits but a very low income? You will not have to worry about healthcare or retirement but will your salary cover the cost of your living expenses? How many years will you have to live paycheck to paycheck? Will it be worth the benefits if you can’t live today? What happens if you don’t live a long life? Was it worth the struggle for all those years?

How can we make a better future? What are we supposed to do in order to provide job security and retirement plans for all? Will it take individuals to make a change or will society as a whole have to come together to make a difference?


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