What happens if the job you are passionate about will not provide you the income for your student debt? Are we all forced to chase money because of student debt? If everyone was allowed to follow their dream job, would competition decrease?

Nowadays, we are in a market for employers. Employers have hundreds of potential employees to choose from. With increased competition, how are individuals with no connections able to find a career that will provide them the income for their student debt?

Is it right for borrowers to be forced into default because they can’t find a high paying job after college? Is it right for borrowers who barley reached adulthood to file bankruptcy so student loan lenders don’t take the little amount of money they have?

Imagine starting off life and you already feel trapped. How will society function if the younger generation already feels defeated?

Shouldn’t we all want every single person to achieve their dream in the field of their choice? By doing so, aren’t we promoting job growth? If the younger generations can’t open up businesses, how will the economy improve?

If society is not making enough money to survive, shouldn’t we all be worried? If we give opportunity to the younger generation, couldn’t they develop jobs? If student debt is the only reason why individuals are not opening up businesses, shouldn’t the government step in and fix this problem? If lenders are not being reasonable, shouldn’t we protect the people?

If all other luxury debt is forgiven, why is it that the one debt that is necessary not forgiven? We, as a society, are now telling our children that they can’t achieve their career dream and, not only that, they can buy a house or a yacht and claim bankruptcy but they can’t achieve an education without being wealthy or indebted for the rest of their lives. Are we all ok with this?

Have you been asked which political party you affiliate with and felt like you needed to be committed to one party? Shouldn’t people ask what your thoughts are on specific issues? Don’t you think we have all become so polarized that we are not able to express our opinions? What happens if you feel strongly about a specific issue and neither party is considering that issue? Shouldn’t you be able to look at all candidates with an open mind and decide which candidate has the better chance of addressing that issue later on? Why should you feel that you are not intelligent or not the norm for thinking  your own way?

In terms of education, why has it become a political issue? Shouldn’t we all want access to education and all be provided education to ensure a better society with innovation?  Who are these politicians who are blocking student debt relief? Don’t we all want everyone to have the opportunity to educate themselves? If an individual works hard to complete an education, shouldn’t we at least give them the opportunity to prove that they will take the education system seriously?

Nowadays, even to obtain a low paying job you need a college degree. If college could cost as much as $100,000, how is it fair to only be provided a $10.00 an hour job after graduation? If a four year degree is becoming necessary, shouldn’t it be treated like high school? How can graduates ever prepare for life when they are forced to pay their student debt until they die?

Has college become a trap to force everyone into poverty? Or are we in a time that will demand change to our current education system? Should we use this opportunity of student debt as a means to change the college education system? If there is ever a time the government should step in, shouldn’t it be now?

If there is no relief for those with student debt, then, aren’t we ultimately deciding the fate of the future of this economy? With the amount of student debt, America’s economy will be completely destroyed. All those with student debt, are not spending money. Their entire paycheck is going to interest and food. If they are lucky, they still have a roof over their head provided by their family.

So, I ask you again. Is this really a political issue? Or is it an American issue?

Are we preparing our children for the future? Are we teaching them the skills that they will need to survive?

What are you supposed to do when your children are asking what they should do after high school? What is society supposed to do to promote a better future for those entering adulthood?

In a society that is constantly changing, how do you provide advice that will still pertain to the future? 

High school tends to be the starting point for thinking about the future. Therefore, are our high schools prepared to teach all that they can teach to better educate and mold society?

Should high schools promote innovation and business development? Or should high schools promote working for a company that is, for the better part, secure? Should high schools tell students to take risks by opening up their own business if they truly believe that it will be successful? Would it help better the economy if we promoted opening up your own business? Should high schools provide and encourage study abroad opportunities to better prepare students for the future? Or are high schools not equipped to provide these opportunities due to funding? How do we change the current high school curriculum in order to better prepare students for choices they will have to make after graduation?

What are we supposed to do to change the way society looks at high schools? Should high schools be transformed into a school system that resembles college? If we treat teenagers like they are young adults, will they be better prepared for when they become adults? 

Are our high schools too easy? Are our high schools not preparing students for adulthood? Are our high schools not educating the students enough to make better informed decisions after graduation? 

How can we change high schools in order for them to provide both an education and life lessons? Should we provide finance classes? Should we make it mandatory for all students to complete internships or volunteer work during every summer? Should we concentrate less on testing and more on teaching? Should we remove the teachers that are not meant to be teachers and hire those who really enjoy educating others? 

What are we supposed to do to change high schools to better assist the economy, society, the current generation and all future generations? 


What are we supposed to do to fix the college system? 

So many people are burdened with student debt which is essentially causing the country to stop. Student debt is impacting the economy, families, borrowers, co-signers and the future of society.

Besides giving relief and forgiveness to current borrowers, how do we change college in order to better future generations? 

Why are college costs so high? Why are there so many “fees” associated with tuition? Why are books so expensive? Why do you have to purchase books at high costs because they are written by the professors at the college? Why is tuition so high when you are not gaining what you should comparable to the price? 

Education is important. That is not to say that you can’t be successful without an education. However, shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to educate themselves? College is supposed to educate their students but is that really the case? Are colleges really educating the future generation or is it a means to gain money in order to promote a successful life when finished? 

College, at some level, teach students to question everything and be open-minded. That is something that everyone should learn. However, what else do colleges do? For the cost of tuition, there should be a guarantee of career placement after graduation. There should be so many perks that the cost is worth it. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Therefore, what is the reasoning for having skyrocketing tuition?

How do we change the college education system? Most could agree that tuition is unreasonable and needs to be lowered. But, what else needs to happen to make college a means to better society? Should colleges be mandated to provide networking skills? Should colleges be mandated to teach people how to interact with one another and adjust to the new technological world? Should colleges teach stress management? Should colleges teach life lessons in addition to educational lessons? 

What are we supposed to do to change the way colleges operate? 

When did standardized tests become so prevalent in the current education system? How can one test determine how successful one can be? 

What are you supposed to do if you would like to go to college after high school? What are you supposed to do if you want to go to graduate school after college? 

Although colleges and graduate schools proclaim that they review the entire application before making a decision, are they really reading through every application? Or are the applications filtered through a system based on the standardized test score? Most applications are submitted electronically now. Wouldn’t it be easier for them to have a system narrow down applicants based on a test that everyone is mandated to take? 

What if you are categorized with others who do horribly on standardized tests? Is college not an option for you? Is graduate school not an option for you? What are you supposed to do in this situation? 

Wouldn’t colleges want to pick applicants who have a higher chance of making a reputation at the school? How can one standardized test determine if someone will be successful and influential? 

Is there a better system rather than a standardized test? Many argue that standardized tests are costly and useless. However, others argue standardized tests determine how intelligent or successful one will be in college. Is it fair to have teenagers pay hundreds of dollars to take standardized tests, buy study material and pay for classes? How many hours and jobs will a young person have to work in order to pay out of pocket the costs to try and get into a college? Is there a way to determine if one will be successful in college without leaving the financial burden on young teenagers at the same time of not excluding those who do poorly on standardized tests? 

What are we supposed to do to change the testing standards for colleges and graduate schools in this country? 

What are you supposed to do as a young adult who wants to gain experience?

Are internships really worth it? On one hand, they are supposed to provide you with experience and networking. On the other hand, what happens if you are not getting paid? How do you survive? Are you really learning your field or are you doing busy work during an internship? 

Are internships a way for companies to save money and have work done for free? Or are they really trying to provide experience to those who want to learn? If they really want to be helpful, wouldn’t they want to pay at least something to those who could possibly be future employees? 

Is it morally right to have people work for free? Shouldn’t everyone be paid if they are providing services? 

Will companies be hindered if it was mandatory to pay all interns? Would they decide not to provide any internship opportunities? Or would they just have less interns? Or would it not effect them at all if they had to provide compensation? 

How are young people supposed to gain experience while paying their bills? 

The majority of job postings require at least some experience. If young adults can’t afford to stop working to gain experience at an internship, how will they ever gain that experience? 

What are your options if you need both an internship and an income to survive? What happens if you can’t find an internship that is paid in your field? 

What are you supposed to do if you want to learn at the same time of being able to survive? 



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